Large range of applications

For the public & private sectors.


Bridges, highways, railways, parkings.


Slopes, terraces, boundary walls.

Water Management

Lakes, waterways, seaside, waterfronts.

Urban Developments

Residential areas, parks, roads, schools.

Retaining Walls

For the construction of medium to high gravity retaining walls.



Freestanding Walls

For the construction of low retaining walls and all types of boundary walls or parapets. The blocks can be handled by hand.

Double-faced Stone

Double-faced Concrete

 Pattern Options

Quadratum Opus
from 30 to 80 m² per day

Roman Opus
from 15 to 40 m² per day

Why use MOBLOC, the new generation of modular walls ?

Innovative and Unique

Stand out of the competition with design flexibility, materials and efficiency.

Worldwide Precense

Get an international visibility, brand marketing and the chance to be part of the MODBLOC partners.


Access to the MODBLOC online platform, production and installation tools, training and assistance.

Approved and Guaranteed

Certified and used by governments, engineering consultants, property developers construction companies and so on.


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